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Indian Sandstone Stone Flags & Paving in Manchester

Indian Stone is a hard wearing traditional sustainable solution providing quality hard standing and a beautiful finish for gardens, patios & pathways alike. Suitable for domestic, commercial and residential applications and available in a range of colours to suit any tastes from nationwide commercial suppliers you can be sure that we can supply an Indian Stone Decorative Surface to suit both your property and needs.

What is Indian Stone?

Indian Stone is as the name quite rightly suggests a Sandstone carrying natural veining and beautiful character which is quarried and imported from India. It provides a beautiful, hard wearing and highly decorative surface and is available in both smooth sawn and riven forms. Indian Sandstone is an economical cost effective alternative to York Stone which in modern times carries a hefty price tag due to it's low availability. 

Can I have an Indian Stone Surface at my property?

Yes of course! The main factor in the installation cost will be dependant on your current surface materials at your property. One of our driveway surveyors will be happy to advise you on the options available and explain any preliminary excavation works that would be required prior to installing a Indian Stone Decorative Surface. Indian Stone is a very versatile material and can provide an attractive hard standing in almost any setting.

Do I need Planning Permission to install an Indian Stone Surface?

No. Planning permission for driveways and hard standings are concerned primarily with drainage as not providing adequate drainage to a driveway or hard standing can create additional stress upon street drainage systems and can also cause damp within a property due to standing surface water. Therefore when installing a Indian Stone Decorative Surface we will always install adequate drainage in the form of Aco drains from which surface water will be expelled towards the nearest gully or drain therefore avoiding the need for planning applications.

Is Indian Stone Slippery when wet?

Indian Stone can be slippery when wet although if the riven form is chosen this can provide a good slip resistance under foot traffic providing good maintenance is practised. Moss should be removed by washing seasonally in order to keep the surface grip satisfactory.

Do weeds grow through an Indian Stone Surface?

No. This is a common misconception. A properly installed Indian Stone Decorative Surface will not allow weeds to grow through it. Weeds can be a problem where incorrect jointing has been undertaken and inferior quality materials have been used. As with all hard standings maintenance must be carried out seasonally such as power washing and regular sweeping in order to maintain the product quality and integrity.

Is an Indian Stone Surface high or low maintenance? How is an Indian Stone Surface maintained?

An Indian Stone Decorative Surface is classed as a low maintenance surface covering. Regular jet washing, removal of moss, sweeping and seasonal good quality sealing is all that is required to keep your Indian Stone Decorative Surface looking it's best.

Can I install an Indian Stone Driveway myself?

Of course, however many DIY installations fail due to inadequate preparation of the Sub Base and shortcuts surrounding excavation works. Particular attention should be paid to locating of underground services such as Gas, Electricity and Water mains. 

I'm sold! How do I get in touch?

Call us on 0161 706 0607 to book an appointment with one of our Landscaping Surveyors today to discuss your Indian Stone Installation requirements!

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