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Artificial Grass & Turf in Manchester

Artificial Grass is low maintenance for clients who require a tidy, attractive looking surface without the mess and labour of traditional turf. Available in a range of sizes to achieve a seamless finish you can be sure that we can supply an Artificial Grass Surface to suit both your property and needs.

What is Artificial Grass Surfacing?

Artificial Grass Surfacing sometimes known as fake grass, plastic grass, synthetic grass or astro turf is generally made up of a rubber crumb underlay with synthetic fibres manufactured to give the illusion of a real well maintained grass surface while limiting the amount of maintenance required from the product.

Can I have an Artificial Grass or Turf Surface installed at my property?

Yes of course! Artificial Grass can provide a low maintenance lawn or relaxation area. It can also provide an attractive alternative to real grass which minimises maintenance for the busy homeowner.

Do I need Planning Permission to install an Artificial Grass or Turf Surface?

No. Although there are some concerns regarding drainage with artificial grass, correct installation of a suitable sub base is imperative which should be constructed of materials that will allow adequate drainage.

Is an Artificial Grass Slippery when wet?

No. We only install Artificial Grass which has been manufactured with a semi permeable membrane and therefore all surface water will drain naturally into the substrate below. There is no mud pooling or swamping which is common with a natural grass surface and the rubber crumb underlay also provides additional anti slip properties.

Do weeds grow through an Artificial Grass Surface?

It is possible to see weed growth around the edges of an installed Artificial Grass Surface and any contractor who tells a customer otherwise would be misinforming them. However a properly installed Artificial Grass Surface should be much more resistant to weed penetration than a natural turf. Many factors also depend on the quality of the Artificial Grass product being used as a good branded product will have passed permeability  testing by the manufacturer. We only ever install the highest quality products available to our company.

Is a Artificial Grass high or low maintenance? How is an Artificial Grass Surface maintained?

An Artificial Grass Surface is classed as a low maintenance surface covering. Regular hosing down and brushing of the surface with a stiff bristle broom is usually all that is required for maintenance of your new surface. Pet waste should be removed at the earliest opportunity and the area subsequently hosed down. A lawn deodorizer may also be used to keep your new Artificial Grass Surface looking and smelling fresh and clean.

Can I install Artificial Grass myself?

Quality of Artificial Grass products vary vastly between commercial grade suppliers and store bought products such as DIY stores etc. Integrity of the products are largely depending on the quality of the surface preparation and sub base materials used.

I'm sold! How do I get in touch?

Call us on 0161 706 0607 to book an appointment with one of our Landscaping Surveyors today to discuss your Artificial Grass & Turf requirements!

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